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The following are excerpts  from some “updates” and case descriptions for for the last couple of years in which we posted them.

10.08.10  BLG helps expose Bank of America call center vortex. As a pro-bono effort BLG has for sometime been aiding a local homeowner in his struggles with Bank of America. (To read full coverage of the case, please click here. As is often the case after publicity of a pro-bono story, BLG received lots of calls from other beleaguered borrowers. BLG has started a project to introduce them to counsel who can represent them, perhaps in a class action.

9.29.10  Third year law student gets a new laptop and a check for $70,000 in sanctions. Our pro-bono client, Inez Peterson, retained us one business day before she was to leave for her first year of law school in Wisconsin. In our opinion this defamation action was a SLAPP suit. We obtained an award of CR 11 sanctions of $70,000 for her, $900 for a new laptop (long story) and a recovery of all her insurance company’s legal fees. Law students who need new laptops can find the

9.1.10  BLG speeds up Phase 1 of Seattle Children’s Hospital expansion. As reported elsewhere in these pages, BLG has just masterminded a $93,000,000 win-win transaction between Laurelon Terrace condominiums and Seattle Children’s Hospital. Now we have moved to a pro-bono stage of helping SCH. As a first step Pete appeared amicus valetudinarium before the City’s Standing Advisory Committee and urged that it end its deliberation that night and immediately recommend approval of Phase 1. In a surprise vote, the committee voted unanimously to do so.

6.10.10  Client Richard Bach, well-known author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, had this to say about a recent, pointed opinion letter from Pete Buck and The Buck Law Group to an adverse party: “As always with thee, it is not the party that stops the attack, but the riposte! Beautifully thought and written, of course.”

5.25.10  Through the generous funding of Pete’s former firm, GordonDerr, this year’s Peter L. Buck Environmental Law Grant has been awarded to Kate Warner, who will spend her summer clerking for the Southern Environmental Law Center.

4.26.10  BLG celebrates a major milestone for client Laurelon Terrace & Children’s Hospital: after years of controversy, no more challenges to Children’s Hospital Master Plan, recently approved by the city council.

4.22.10  Peter Buck recognized among top Washington attorneys in land use and zoning by May/June edition of Super Lawyers Magazine.

4.5.10  BLG celebrates Seattle City Council decision approving Children’s Hospital Major Institution Master Plan, which moves BLG’s client, Laurelon Terrace, one step closer to the sale of its property to the hospital.

11.3.09  BLG client wins arbitration and attorneys’ fees.

9.22.09  BLG scores a home run for its client in a heavily contested permit dispute. Read about it here, here, and here.

8.25.09 BLG files show-stopper appeal, algebraically and artistically proving that a square peg can fit in a round hole.

6.10.09 Pete Buck named as a “Leader in the Field” in the 2009 Chambers USA directory.

1.22.09  With the generous help of clients and friends, BLG’s 2008 Charitable Thanksgiving Program raises over $27,000 for The Imagine Cambodia Foundation.

7.2.08   With assistance from BLG, the UW School of Law loan repayment assistance program (LRAP) achieves its campaign goal of raising $250,000.

6.20.08 For his efforts to resolve a property dispute at a reduced fee, Pete receives WSBA award for random act of professionalism.

Past Successes

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Reversal of $5,000,000 Class Action
Preservation of Puget Sound Views
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